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Crustastun news & media


BBC Radio 4


The food programme 

January 9th 2011

Sheila Dillon and some famous food lovers try out their favourite kitchen gadgets, including the Crustastun. Chef Giorgio Locatelli demonstrates the Crustastun he has in his kitchen at Locanda Locatelli and tells how he now can't imagine being without one.


TV - France 2


Le homard, pinces sans rire

December 16th 2010

Un reportage de Pierre-Emmanuel Luneau Daurignac et Patrick Desmulie.

A special report on the lobster with an extensive report on the Crustastun (in French).


The Independent


Lobster supper without the lobster suffering

27 October 2010

The Crustastun, which was demonstrated in London yesterday at the Food Innovation Centre in Covent Garden, has been touted as the most humane way of killing edible crustaceans without prolonged suffering...

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